Tuesday, April 13, 2010

W.W.J.D.--- Zumba.

Happy Tuesday to You.

You know when you think you're incredibly hilarious but really you end up being the only person amused.
Yeah,this is a daily thing for me, and the scene I type below explains.
My point is how I do not enjoy if someone asks "W.W.J.D."
 I actually think they are joking. That is horrible, but true.
I just think they have a stunning dry sense of humor and appriciate it.
I'm not saying I don't want to think about what Jesus would do.
I just don't like the bracelets. Or someone glaring at me saying it.

I responded to my last SERIOUS "W.W.J.D" question like this...

" W.W.J.D.? "       ( What Would Jesus Do -for the layperson )

Me. Pausing to catch the social cue that they are obviously joking.
Missing the cue that they are NOT joking, they don't practice that non-sense called a sense of humor.
pff, silly me.
So I respond- seriously.

" Zumba. "

This really didn't go over well.
A. The person didn't know what Zumba was
B. When I explained they didn't really seem to be fond of the whole " shaking it " thing.
C. But it was really funny

 I guess I find it the most freeing thing to be in a room packed full of woman of all ages shaking whatever they have- to songs that all they talk about well is....shaking it.

Main point to Zumba: Shake it.

check it- " Ditch the workout, Join the party! "   ---OK!


Sipping some espresso and about to go to Zumba- to shake it.
I suggest this to anyone. 

Now you see Zumba is nothing like this below,  But this is pretty impressive. ( bunny trail of my mind. )
Have a smashing day-------- Courtney

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