Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thumbs up.

I tend to listen to Pandora Radio- a lot.

I love how they have there option of 
Thumbs up or Thumbs down to a song-
If it's thumbs down- BYE BYE song that my ears dislike and if thumbs UP'd it remembers that you felt warm and fuzzy feelings inside when it came on. You get the point.

         Today, I pressed the thumbs down button a little too much , I know this because if you press it TOO much it won't change the song. It gets mad and says:
" You are way too picky, screw you ,I work hard all day and you thumbs down me, I'm keeping this song on, you're way too demanding. "
Ok, Pandora probably doesn't have these emotions, but this is where my brain wanders.

I wish life came with a thumbs up and thumbs down option.
You know- Awkward social situations.... THUMBS DOWN and poof- GONE! Move on!
Or those special moments- like Luke and I saw a shooting star the other day , I would of definatley THUMBS UP'D it and ask for that to reoccur.

But life doesn't work like that.
It works more like today where I Thumbs down'd the heck out of Pandora and it didn't budge.

I can thumb down days/experiences and those moments all I want, but they aren't going anywhere.
They stare at me and say " HA HA you're stuck with me and you have to deal with me "

I'm thankful for this.
If I got everything I wanted when I wanted , I'd be in a big mess.
I wouldn't have faith,endurance,courage even.

You know those experiences you have in life you can always look back to and say 
" Atleast it's not as bad as when _____ "    and all of our " Blanks " are different.
Perspective is a very reviving thing.
I crave perspective, even down to what does " Broke/No money " mean to me verses others.
What does " Hungry " mean to me verses another.
What does " Hurt " mean to me verses another. And ect.
Whether emotionally I feel " injured " or if I'm overtired and I therefore think the whole world is falling apart or simply my biggest "thing" is being overwhelmed.

Today I had a moment- a thumbs down moment actually.
If life were a song played on Pandora I would be pressed the thumbs down button going " HEY HEY did you not get the memo that I do not like this ?!"
Even thought to God " I don't like this. " even reiterated--- " you know I don't like this. "
Like that'd drive my point to God even more.
I thought to myself- " Atleast this is not like the time I was lieing on the bathroom floor, eventually begging for my Life at the beginning of my disease....... "
Eeessh. Ouch right in my face.
I might still throw tantrums because something isn't " fair ", or " that " didn't work out how I wanted it to.......
The list goes on.

But it's okay.  wow Pandora what a profound point you drove into me today.

So here's some Thumbs UPS!

Free Starbucks Coffee Today- Score! Thumbs up!

 Luke and I- Always a Thumbs Up Thing.

I hope you decide to have a Thumbs Up rest of the day too.

Right on.

I'm gonna go Zumba and have a popsicle. 
That's a thumbs up time.


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  1. Hi Courtney :)

    Just started reading your blog (saw the link to it on your FB) and wanted to stop by and say 'hi' ha :) Great thoughts here! Love the honesty.

    For what it's worth, one of my fave little quotes is "Once perspective has done its job, purpose makes itself clear again". Perspective and hindsight are amazing things - I'm constantly having to remind myself and be reminded that this life is not about me and that my purpose is found in God and Him alone and the great Story that he has written.

    Anyway keep up the blogging :)