Friday, April 9, 2010

Bridezilla and Hanson

I am packed and ready for this weekend's 2nd prep for marriage in Georgia ( 2nd prep yeah, we're overachievers ) 
I'm hoping this 2nd one doesn't involve powerpoints, laser pointers, awkward jokes.. 
The Finance discussion part did have a laser shaped like a money sign... As entertaining as that was,
we'll see what we come back with this one, friday,saturday,sunday.
Marriage talk. 
It should be baller.
 Coffee-ing myself as I type.

I laugh at the whole term ' Bridezilla ' I honestly think it occurs with some estrogen dominant female has longer than 4 months to plan a wedding and therefore goes insane.


Bridezilla's come to pass when the female has dreamt about every detail of her wedding her entire life.
I mean the girl is 7 and knows she wants a halter top wedding dress - you have W.O.T.B.S.
 " Wedding On The Brain Syndrome "  ( W.O.T.B.S )
You know who I'm talking about, they're single, and always on the prowl for " The One "-typically at church gatherings , even more at ' singles ministry ' meetings aka: meat markets.
They're always sharing details on how their wedding, AND marriage is going to be OH OH and even how their non-existent husband is going to be.
This W.O.T.B.S syndrome is rampant and creating Bridezilla's probably even acid reflux/digestive problems-ok I take that back , but it could be true.

When I was 7, I wanted to be the 4th member of Hanson, I'll admit it.
I wanted to not lose at ' P.I.G.' to my big brother.
I really wanted a paper shredder- ( I got one   -score. )

As time went on, I still never saw ' Marriage ' for me.
I thought Marriage messed people up.
They suddenly become co-dependant and unsocial and just...weird.
But then again if you're single for too long too you get weird too...
So I guess there's that rare balance.

Let's just say I thought my odds of being the 4th member of Hanson was greater than marriage.
In 2007 I got a disease called ' Lemierre's Syndrome '
Long story short, I almost died a lot... and not like how people say " I almost died! " but like I literally..almost died.. Ok you get the point.
God changed that. A lot.
 Here I am at 2010.
And I am NOT the 4th member of Hanson, but I am getting married in June, and I am not a Bridezilla.
I don't think I will be carrying a gun on the day of my wedding like the picture above, nor pick up a smoking habit- A.  because my lungs are nothing to write home about and  B. gross.

I'm off to a fun 3 hour drive with my love.
Rest assured being thankful to be alive DOES cure Bridezilla-itis.
Cheers to all those who see life being more than just ONE life event.

I'm gonna Wang Chung today.


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